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The mere mention of its name can strike fear into the hearts of those who have heard of, and those who have been a part of, its long history of violence. Located at the top of South America, Colombia is a land shrouded in reputation for carnage and bloodshed.

Colombia has been at civil war for over six decades. The terrorist organization known as the F.A.R.C. has fought with the desire to overthrow the Colombian government. This group is known for controlling entire areas (mainly jungle) of Colombian soil. Many young people have been abducted and forced to fight and kill in their service. The penalty for refusing would be the murder of their families.

Colombia is also known for its drug trafficking. Nearly seventy-five percent of the world’s cocaine is exported from Colombia.

“Colombia’s recent history is written in blood.” – CBS news

Despite its reputation for violence, Colombia is a beautiful country with a plethora of majestic landscapes. The country ranges from beautiful lowland valleys and coastal plantations to high mountain jungles and remote villages. Colombia is home to the majestic Andes Mountains and at its southern tip lurks the mysterious Amazon Jungle. Its rich and lush geography makes Colombia one of the worlds’s most beautiful countries on the earth.

Colombia’s largest cities are Bogota, Medellin, and Cali. Each city boasts several million people, while the capital, Bogota, is home to over nine million.

The people of Colombia are a wonderful and spirited people. Their ethnicity ranges from indigenous roots to African and European bloodlines.

Spiritually, the country is dominated by the Roman Catholic Church. Corruption and hypocrisy of the priesthood has caused much distrust by the Colombian people. Most follow the church out of family tradition.

Colombia’s past violence has left its people ravaged and broken. The country has one of the highest numbers of internally displaced people of any country in the world. Thousands of children are in need not only physically…but, even more critically, spiritually. The cities of Colombia are ripe with a harvest of souls that are looking for the truth.

Recent developments, including heavy US involvement, have helped to decrease the violence tremendously. Now, more than ever before, God has opened the door for missionaries to go. Decades of rampant drugs, corruption, violence, and fear have ravaged this land. The need for the gospel of Jesus Christ to be preached is incredible, and few are willing to go. The Lord has given the command to take the gospel to every land.

The need for Bible-believing New Testament churches is overwhelming. Believers in Colombia are asking for preachers to start churches in the cities, villages, and remote areas of Colombia. The need for missionaries and national pastors can be met by God’s people working together to go and plant churches and train others to do so as well. The Lord has given us so much opportunity by means of travel, communication, and technology. None of these things, however, can replace God’s people giving of themselves. The need is not money or technology, it’s people. The harvest indeed is plenteous but the laborers are few.

Would you consider becoming a part of what God is doing in Colombia? Would you partner with us in prayer? Would you consider surrendering yourself to help reach these people? Together, we can help to seek and to save Colombia through our Lord Jesus Christ.


“Let my life be an exhibit to the value of knowing God.” – Jim Elliot


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